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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ninety Four Degrees and Counting

Today in NY it is SUPER hot and I'm pretty bummed.  I was planning for today to be my first "long run" starting out at 10 miles- but between the heat and the margarita pitchers last night for Conor's birthday, I figured it's probably not the best idea.  My plan is to stay hydrated and cool today and hopefully go on the run tomorrow.  It's supposed to get up to one hundred degrees here today, so I brought Nora to Conor's apartment where there's AC..they really love each other:

Some tips for running or working out in the heat:
1) Stay hydrated- don't only drink during your workout, but stay hydrated all day.  If you're planning to do something more strenuous than usual, this is especially important.
2) Shower beforehand- sounds silly, but I do this all the time in the hot weather.  I put on my shirt im going to run in and jump into the shower to wet my hair and shirt, then put my shorts and sneakers on.  Exercising drenched in cool water is essentially the same as sweating, but saves your body the extra effort.
3) Wear light colored clothing- it's true, dark clothes attract the sunlight and make you hotter.  Wear as few clothing items as possible and make sure they are a light, breathable fabric.
4) Eat salt- so potato chips might not be ideal, but when you exercise, you sweat. In the hot weather your body sweats even more, and you lose a ton of electrolytes which can leave you dehydrated and groggy.  Reaching for some salted pretzels or nuts to accompany that giant glass of iced water after a workout can help keep sodium levels in check after excessive sweating.
5) Lastly, this applies to anyone working out when it is hot outside- no matter where you are.  Even if you are enjoying the luxury of a cool gym, keeping your body comfortable in the hot weather once you step outside is very important.

Stay cool everyone =)

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