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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Barefoot Running

I've been having some issues lately with my running sneakers- a pair of Nike Lunars that I've only had for a couple months, and I'm seriously debating trying a barefoot running shoe. There is no clear scientific evidence as to whether or not barefoot running is the end-all solution to injury prevention, but studies have proven that it does improve form. When running with normal sneakers, one has a tendency to strike the ground with the heel of the foot. This leads to many injuries that involve the foot and ankle because of repeated stress on the body. Here are the Vibrams I'm getting:

Okay, I might only be getting these because they're adorable..

Something I find really interesting about barefoot running is that it is a common practice for many foreign cultures. For example, the Tarahumara are a Native American tribe of Northern Mexico wo are notorious for their ability to run long distances, and they literally do it in flip flops! Okay, the. Ame of the shoe is huaraches, but more or less they're sandals. Because of this, this native tribe runs with a toe strike method, which is a more natural behavior and can reduce injury. With running sneakers, it isn't a natural tendency to strike toe-first. And the Tarahumara people don't just ru. Around the block a couple of times- some of their tribe traditions involve 200 mile races through their village and canyons! These races last up to 2 days, and the winner is considered a great hero.  Here are huaraches, they're pretty cute too..

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