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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


A very happy day-after-real-birthday to my number one supporter who has been the most encouraging person in my "running career."

He attended my first cross country meet, encouraged me to continue running after being diagnosed with asthma, watched all my races in the snow and rain (literally) and even drove me to my last marathon with his arm in a sling after having surgery (probably not legal...). Thank you dad! Happy birthday!

Half-way There!

I'm officially halfway towards my fundraising goals: 2,000$!  Thank you to all of my donors. I'll be hosting a fundraiser at Overlook NYC on Friday September me if you are in the NY area and interested in attending! There's just about 6 weeks left for donations, and 8 weeks left until race-day...

My furthest run so far has been 20 miles.  It's been quite a challenge juggling marathon training, making friends in the new city and dealing with a new full-time position. Something I've been seeing more and more often along the East River here in NYC are "Kangoo Shoes":

As you could probably guess, people look absolutely ridiculous running around in these.  They supposedly help diminish joint wear and tear, and reduce risk of injury for runners with shin problems.  Next time I see someone wearing these things, I'm going to stop and interview them!

I've also been running with GU, which I am obsessed with. Last year I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while training and during my run, which my family thankfully held onto for me.  During the NYC Marathon, though, I don't think I will be able to count on having friends and family at various points throughout the race due to the congestion of the city.  I've been duct taping GU to my water bottle while I run, so that's probably what I'll have to do for race day.  Espresso Love is definitely the best flavor.