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Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm Really Doing This

     This weekend was my 12-miler! Yay!  It was a great weekend, and I went for the run early Saturday morning before my mother's arrival.  I ran over the Brooklyn bridge, down by the east river, then came back to Brooklyn via the Williamsburg bridge.  One thing I love about running is that it's a great (and inexpensive) way to explore- I saw all of these sights in just two hours (and didn't spend a dime ;-)
     My mom visited this weekend and brought my mail that came to our house, which sounds pretty uneventful.  However, I received this:
     I was SO happy to get this in the mail! I've been wearing it just put-zing around the neighborhood today, which I'm sure is bad luck or something, but I'm just so excited to have it!  Receiving this and running 12 miles this weekend really solidified the fact that I actually live in NY and I am actually running the NY marathon this Fall.  Gulp.
     My mom and I had a great weekend- we resumed our typical Paris routine: wake up, eat, walk, shop, eat, walk, shop (repeat until legs can no longer continue).  After my run Saturday morning, we ventured into Williamsburg and walked over the bridge (yes, again) into Manhattan.  Spent a lot of time in Lord and Taylor and eating Crumbs Cupcakes.  Butterscotch and Red Velvet- YUM.
     For dinner, we headed down to the waterfront in downtown Brooklyn.  The restaurant was excellent, but the view was definitely my favorite part of the evening.  There's so much more to NYC than the typical tourist sights- which is one reason why I'm really happy that I chose to live here in Brooklyn.

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