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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last Day at BodyScapes

This morning I taught my last class at BodyScapes Longwood! I learned a lot there and had a great time teaching classes and making friends who share my passion. At BodyScapes, I taught spin and muscle conditioning classes. My muscle conditioning class is set up as two circuits with 8 different stages of equipment. One minute is spent at each station, and each circuit is performed twice. Here is today's workout:

Circuit 1
Bosu- feet on top plank shoulder touch
Bench- squat straddle jump
Dumbbells- overhead press with twisting torso
Body bar- overhead chest lift
Stability ball- triceps dips
Medicine ball- hold overhead, lunge with left lower to right (and vice versa)
Mat- plank, jump feet to right, jump back to plank, jump feet to left
Ladder- icky shuffle

Circuit 2
Bosu- side switch squats
Bench-uneven pushups
Dumbells- burpee with overhead press
Body bar- seated twist with legs lifted
Stability ball- abs press up
Medicine ball- superman back lift with arms extended towards the feet
Mat- tip toe lunges with arms extended overhead
Ladder- icky shuffle backwards

Yes- my attendees are tough cookies! I typically don't use this much equipment when I workout on my my opinion, the more simplistic the better-so I will be posting more user-friendly workouts in the future!

I other news, I'm taking a few days off from running. I ended up twisting my ankle while walking home from my DC cupcakes adventure with Kimmie yesterday. I'm hoping to be "back up and running" within a week! In the mean time lots of swimming,elliptical and weights.

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  1. Ah!! Poor ankle! Hope you didn't go home and run afterwards.. <3 you