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Monday, June 25, 2012

Bun Run

First off, thanks to everyone who read my first post and showed support! Especially to my mom who sent me the most adorable, encouraging card in response to my running NY marathon:
But I have to say- it was no accident I ended up this way, I learned from the best =).

I had a great day yesterday with Mom, Loo and Kimmie, we had brunch and then shopped around Boston for what will probably be the last time until I pick up and move to NY.  Loo and I went for a run later on after dinner.  We ran the typical route that we've been doing probably since we were in strollers with our moms.  It's about a 4.5 mile loop around the neighborhood we grew up in Freetown, MA. Unfortunately, we had to suffer throuh the attack of the horseflies-but there was also an abundance of bunnies hopping all over, which definitely made up for the horseflies! A little grey kitty tried to follow us for a little while too.  It was so great to have a running partner for the night.  I never used to like running with other people, but in the past year or so I've learned to really LOVE having the company! I'm really missing all my running buddies who've moved out of Boston, and I'll be anxious to find some more once moving to NY.  Here's me and Loo before heading out last night:

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  1. You are something kid, I am truly blessed, love u always and forever xo Mommy